Monday, January 19, 2015

Cruz de Tejeda to Tejeda village

I want to describe a short, nice (and unexpected) walk  that I took a few days ago.

It might be useful for somebody who, like me, usually relies on maps to find their way around.
This walk, although it has an official number  (S-85), is not specified on my KOMPASS map. It could be because there are so many walks in the area, but still it's a shame this one is missing. It is one of those walks that combines simplicity, shortness, spectacular views and even the public transport at both start and finish. Believe me, it is rare.

My original intention was to walk a bit around Cruz de Tejeda and look at the plants, which are starting to bloom.

From Cruz de Tejeda I took the path which leads to La Culata and Roque Nublo a few times already. So this time I chose a different path, without even checking what the sign said. It was almost level at first, running just above the road through the low growing bushes, then started sloping downhill somewhat more.

I am always amazed by the local mountain roads and admire people who drive on them. Me, I prefer professionals driving - taxi and bus drivers. Of course at least some of those brave souls could be tourists who didn't know what they were letting themselves in when they started somewhere in Maspalomas on a reassuringly big and flat road. By the time they were over the first pass it had been too late to turn around.

I didn't have any particular aim in mind and my intention was to catch the next bus back to San Mateo. That left me with two hours to wander around. The vague plan was to walk one hour in one direction, then turn and walk back. Views are stunning practically anywhere in the area, so it almost doesn't matter where you go.

I was walking slowly for about an hour, admiring the scenery and looking for the flowering plants, and was just thinking it was probably time to turn back, when I met with a couple of walkers coming up from the valley.

I asked them where did the path lead ("to Tejeda") and how long did it take them to get to our meeting point. It took them one hour fifteen minutes, but they were going uphill, so I figured I could still catch my bus in Tejeda itself.

It worked out as a very short walk - from that point it took me half an hour to reach the village. Overall it added up to one hour and a half, but I kept stopping and wandering off the path to look at the interesting plants and taking pics. You can probably do it at a reasonable pace in under one hour.

Almonds are in bloom right now and it all looks almost painfully pretty. In two weeks there is an almond blossom festival in Tejeda village and I fully intend to visit.

I wanted to draw a little map, but I can't quite work out where exactly I went, so here is a verbal description:
at Cruz de Tejeda turn you back to the Parador Hotel and take a path that starts between two restaurants on the other side of the road. There are path signs there, though I don't remember what they say. After maybe a hundred meters there will be a fork in the road. Bear to the right and that's pretty much it. There are yellow path markers along the way, not many, but it didn't get confusing at any point anyway.

You end up in the car park of Tejeda. The main bus stop will be a little way to your left. The bonus point is, that although the buses are few and far between, with a bit of planning you can avoid both waiting for too long and cutting it too close.

Pics from around Tejeda on shutterstock - here

About 4 km without the loop in the middle (flat bit with old almond trees), descent of 500 m

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