Friday, November 02, 2012

Lajares to Villaverde

Our initial intention was to go from Lajares to La Oliva, but that is a litte bit longer and it was very hot today again, so we decided to opt for a slightly shorter route. I spent some time trying to match the very schematic route from here to the googlemaps. I sort of did, but was not completely sure that I would be able to identify it when in the countryside. I shouldn't have worried, the path is well sign-posted. Most of the route that we did is along trans-Fuerteventura footpath, relatively new collection of paths that cross the whole of Fuerteventura from Corralejo to the Point of Jandia. There are nine "Etapa"s, that is, the whole route is divided into nine stages, but one of them is on the Isla de Lobos, so there are eight of them on Fuerteventura proper. Corralejo-La Oliva is the second stage. There is approximately eight km from Lajares to Villaverde, and slightly more than nine to La Oliva

We had quite a bit of rain last week (a little flood in reality), so there is distinctly more green around than I ever saw before. Fuerteventura didn't exactly burst into bloom just yet, but there were small non-showy flowers, and even grass.

This is the kind of signs you will find along the path. The dark red sign with writing on it is very new. The red and white strips in many places look older and are placed less purposefully (on lampposts, on stones). They probably were there for a while before somebody had a bright idea of joining all the separate paths into one long one that crossed the whole of the island. But the upshot is that you won't get lost, at least most certainly won't get lost on this leg of the path

There is a little rest shelter, placed more or less on the uppermost point of the path, closer to La Oliva and Villaverde than to Lajares.

Once again, I made a little route that shows how we went

View Lajares to Villaverde in a larger map

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