Saturday, November 24, 2012

El Cotillo and sunset fishing

Today, me and Yuri went to El Cotillo in the evening to catch a sunset. Corralejo looks to the east, and I am not an early riser normally, so there is a very little chance of catching either in the two “sun just above the horizon” moments. El Cotillo is perfect for sunsets.

The bus driver who took us there looked at the tripod and repeated several times that the last bus back is at eight, at eight, get it? Am I got? I found it rather sweet that he was so anxious for us not to miss the last bus. Somewhat intrusive perhaps, but that’s all cultural, your business is everybody’s business it seems.

The sea blurred beautifully and obligingly at long exposures. Two “eyes” that the large rock has are two still pools, left by the hide tide, out of reach for the moving water.

Image above is an IR conversion, of course. The tower is Castillo El Tostón, which is lit at night with a somewhat greenish light, which gave a beautiful highlight in the conversion.

Back to the first picture. The guy in the lower left corner was fishing as the sun was setting and for a while afterwards. It looked somewhat dangerous to me, occasional wave would roll over the rocks on which he was standing. It also looked as if he knew what he was doing. He caught a smallish fish first, and after a while, when it was already dark, we heard a whoop of joy as he held up another one. The second one looked really big, not something that I would expect to be caught on a rod from the shore. He was so pleased with it, and kept making happy noises and posing with it, but alas I didn’t have my flash with me (I normally don’t use it on sunsets, you see). We gave him a round of admiring applause though.

Pictures of El Cotillo on Shutterstock — here.

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