Sunday, May 13, 2012

Invisible fish and the Flag Beach again

Yesterday there was quite a few of those invisible fishes around at the Flag Beach. If you are wondering why I call them invisible, look closely. What you can see very clearly is their shadows, not the fish themselves. Small semi-transparent bodies hovers just above the dark outline.

A little closer, hopefully a little clearer.
We photographed a bit of "legs walking in shallow water" for the stocks with Kirill, but the photo they I like most from yesterday is this one, one-off and unplanned. As my friend remarked on facebook, swimsuit is perhaps unnecessary in this case and she's got a point. One day we should go back to this shot and do a few illustrations the approach to naturism on Fuerteventura's beaches outside of town bounds. Which basically is something like - nobody cares, you can be fully clothed, you can be fully not.
We had yet another paella afterwards. I am getting better and better at them, even if I say so myself.

On this link you can see a little video of the waves over the shallows at the Flag Beach. Unfortunately, you can see only a hint of the real thing - somehow youtube chewed up most of the light and shadow details, even if you view in "HD" options, and the beauty is in the details in this case. Still, there it is, for the record mostly.

The Flag Beach on shutterstock

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