Sunday, April 29, 2012

Assorted week

Here are just some assorted pics from the last week or so. First one is our nearest proper beach, which I photographed many times - the Flag Beach. This time we came there when the tide was low, but was just coming in, and the sharp rocks in the foreground were being covered with water. When the water is higher, they might be lurking just below the surface, so beware when you go swimming. Water is beautifully clean, so when you can see that there is something dark under there, proceed with care. Isla de Lobos in the background.

This one is from the same beach. Apparently, the combination of waves and wind were perfect yesterday evening, and as we came to the beach, so did a couple of dozens of kitesurfers. It is plenty, as they move fast and need a lot of space. This young guy pretty much stole the show. He was doing those amazing jumps passing the handle behind his back. I am no judge in the complexity of the figures that can be done in kitesurfing, but it looked good to me.

On Friday our friend and university mate from all those year back came to visit from Lanzarote. The waves were quite big when she was arriving, and grew bigger when she headed back to Lanzarote on Armas ferry. Although the perspective here makes them look bigger than they were in reality, and the biggest waves form close to the shore, in the deeper water they were big enough to make ferry sway somewhat too.

Over the last week there was Feria de Abril in the el Campanario shopping center close to us. We are far from Seville, but there was an amazing number of women dressed in flamenco style dress. Most men didn't seem to bother too much, with some exceptions. The bit of the fair that I liked most was the horse show on a little lawn in front of the center.

Fuerteventura pictures at shutterstock

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