Friday, September 23, 2011

We finally found a way of planting our plastic windroses wherever we want. All you need is a large-ish volcanic stone with a through hole from a local beach. We are probably not meant to remove "beach material" here either, but every single garden I looked into uses those stones, so I guess it's ok.

More unrelated pics below

This cute iguana was on the Corralejo Flag beach couple of days ago - probably done by amateur sand artist, professional ones make giant dragons and castles at more crowded town beaches and then collect coins for their pains

As our stuff is still in transit, Timur's restricted to pen and paper versions of his celtic rings - which is fine by me, availability of copy-paste in illustrator kills part of the charm

And here's another pattern which he spend some time on. I actually have photos of two more stages of this drawing and wander if they can he easily joined in a animated gif somehow? Never done it before.

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