Saturday, September 03, 2011

schools and saturday walk

This week, on the 1st September,  we made one more step to settling properly - went to the both schools where kids will go and filled in/picked up various forms that need filling. The secondary school visit went a lot easier - the administrator spoke English quite nicely. Primary school admin's English was rudimentary, worse than our combined Spanish, but even with him we achieved understanding - by repeating everything a few times. Interestingly, his approach to making himself understood by people who clearly are struggling (us) is not to speak slower - rather louder. But we got there in the end - or so we thought till next morning, when Kirill's mobile rang. Apparently, there was a duplication of paperwork, and somehow Timur's record was showing that he already was studying at school here. The funny bit was that it was the same no-English guy who rang. By the end of conversation, when everything finally was sorted (fingers crossed), Kirill spoke with three different people, with better and better English each time.
Anyway. Some pictures from today's walk. Enjoy

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