Sunday, April 17, 2011

London marathon

 Me and Yuri went to see London marathon today. I have a few hundred of pictures that I eventually will process (eventually, yes), but I just wanted to say - I worked it out, marathon is an equivalent of all-London carnival.

I completed London marathon a few years back - I hesitate to say "run", it was not running, more hobbling, especially towards the end. But I did complete it, which is a huge thing. What I could  remember from it (not very much, I must say, I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other more or less) - the atmosphere was great. So, I decided to use what might be my last chance to see it as an observer. I wasn't dissapointed.

We didn't even try to catch the leaders - it takes a while to get there from our village, and leaders, by definition, are very, very fast. Whoosh - and they are gone. What we did catch is fast men race coming towards 23 miles mark and slow runners and walkers just passing under Tower bridge - half way mark, more or less. It's a magic spot by tower hill where marathon passes twice. And the slow crowd is much more interesting to watch - lots of costumes, lots of charity runners, less concern for speed.

Below is a little sample from the very tail of all the pictures I took today. Maybe I will do another little report with especially interesting costumes later


 and watchers

why vuvuzela? well, why not
Really liked those guys between the columns

Stripes are definitely back this season

guys from various charities are stationed along the whole route. as far as I understand, their task is to cheer "their" own runners - people who are raising money for them by running - but I think they cheered pretty much everybody. Not those two ladies, though, I think they are tired - main body of the marathon is past 23 miles mark by now

One more note - kids do get bored there. It's a looong event, and even if they manage to get a really good view, they eventually will find something else to do. Toddlers slept in their pushchairs, and this guys' fighting with those red clappers

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nameless__one said...

Good photos and words, convey the atmosphere well!