Wednesday, April 27, 2011

London marathon, part two - supporters

A few more pictures from the marathon - observers, charity support groups, police and ambulance. Para-marathon, so to speak.

Those ladies were really not supposed to sit like that - there's about 6 meters drop on the other side, into the Tower's moat.

Don't know exactly what the white t-shirt say, but they clearly came prepared

That's not me in the picture, but I had to do the same thing - ask a policemen  where I should cross the street. All the above-ground crossings were closed for obvious reasons, and it was not easy to find the underground one with so many people milling around.

Before I asked a policeman, I tried to ask somebody else - a guy who occupied a strategically choosen position on a top of street railing. He turned to me, gave me his full and undivided attention and said "I am sorry, but I am French. I don't understand many words in English. What was your question again?". Of course he didn't know where the crossing was, but I found it highly amusing that he gave this little speech instead of a universally understood shrug and apologetic muttering

Loved their shades.

Three green men. I only spotted the third one when I was processing

I don't know if David and daddy from little guy's bandanna is the same person, but they were well supported in any case

pics from London marathon at shutterstock

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