Wednesday, April 28, 2010

kids on Fuerteventura


since we had one whole week to spare, one of those extra days we went to Fuerteventura on a sea ferry. It was not cheap - with discount that car rental company* gave us, return for a car and four passengers was over hundred euro. Apparently, passengers cost quite a lot - return for a passenger only and no discount was 33 euro.

anyway, it was worth it. Fuerteventura may be not as cozy as Lanzarote, but the white sand beaches there are absolutely beautiful.

* - btw, unbelievably cheap car rental from cabrera medina, 20 euros per day for Opel Meriva, fully insured, no excess. That was a special offer, but it'll be still cheap without. I am sure that I would not find anything cheaper if I looked for car rental via web beforehand, but I am too lazy to go and check now. Hiring while there is easy, just have your license with you (I forgot mine last time!)

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