Saturday, February 20, 2010

nice doggy


we only had two full days on Mallorca, and we spent the first one in Palma. It is now out of season, and the cathedral-old town area is perfectly pleasant - not crowded narrow streets, little pretty graden with citrus trees and goldfish we stumbled upon, etc. Overall atmosphere is kind of generic Mediterranean. Once out of old town area, which is not very big, again, it reminds of many other places at once - Agherro and Malaga especially, at least for me, but obviously I haven't been everywhere.

Unexpected success with our kids was museum of modern arts, and that with us even not going inside it - they have some abstract sculptures outside. you also get a good view over the rooftops from what I think was city walls and now house some of the collection.

The cedar-cone structure behind Timur was outside too. I immediately (and wrongly) thought it was by Andy Goldsworthy, but no, it was by a different author - don't remember the name.

Little doggy was hanging around the cone, and wanted to make friends with Timur (as many dogs do). Timur got somewhat worried if the nice doggy was a stray, but with not one, but two collar on it, I guess it was very much owned by someone


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spacedlaw said...

Interesting sculpture.