Sunday, January 31, 2010

full moon collage (again)


whenever there is full moon/clear sky combination I feel compelled to take a picture. They are all very similar to each other - well, the moon is the same and my biggest telephoto lens remains 300. This doesn't really give a big picture of the moon itself - it comes out about 300 pixels across, so to use in collages I blow it up, overlay with different texture (paper in this case), increase contrast, sharpen etc. Occasionally I throw the results away - they are very similar to full moon pictures I already accumulated.

This full moon was very bright and pictures came out nice and sharp, so I am keeping them. And this was that rare occasion were I had to agree that a planet could be colored. Usually I see starts and planets as white with blue tint. This time Mars really was reddish, I could see it. and it came out as a (completely useless, of course), red dot on the picture I took

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