Sunday, October 07, 2012


We were going to get to Majanicho, a small fishing village not very far from Corralejo, for a goodish while already. In fact, me and kids made a few false starts, never getting there, up till today. There is a "cycling route", accordng to Cabildo, which is not really. That is, you can bike there, but it's not a dedicated cycling path, just a dirt road which cars and cyclists share. Share rather unhappily in the case of cyclists, as the passing cars almost always create a cloud of fine red dust. Works as a very cheap self-tanning option though.

Majanicho itself is a tiny place, and to me it looks like the houses there are not meant to be permanent dwellings - rather somewhere to be when you go fishing. There were very few people around the village, although quite a few parked cars, I assume the drivers went down to the ocean to fish. Overall, the place has a rather surrealistic feel to it, like "The Zone" from "Stalker" movie.

And the abandoned development nearby adds to that of course. It's obviously a very local reference, but it seems that everybody who lives on Fuerteventura knows about it. It's  a long and complicated story, but basically it's a nearly-finished village that was probably built illegally (that is, the building permission was not issued correctly), developers of which managed to take the council to the court over it and get more money in compensation than all the money the council have/had and will have over the course of the nearest few years. Or something of that nature.

Above is the road to nowhere.

What (or maybe even wtf) is the object below, I am not sure. It looks like the martian tripod from "the war of the worlds". I was too scared to approach it. Well, too hot actually.

Pictures of Northern Fuerteventura on Shutterstock — here.

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