Saturday, June 23, 2012

big fish and good shopping

Today we walked to the tourist information to find out if there was anything interesting planned for the Sant Joan. There wasn't, or they didn't know about it, which is always a possibility with our tourist information. Anyway. There is a restaurant nearby, which has a fish cleaning table outside, right by the water. Today they had a bahamut being cleaned there. The table was surrounded by people taking pictures, kids staring as only kids could, and seagulls waiting for scraps.

It took a good few minutes to chop the head off the monster. Men took turns working with a cleaver, which they kept calling machete.

Funny thing was that they don't seem to be quite sure what fish it was, and were arguing between themselves if it was a "mero" or "cherna". According to wikipedia, both those names are used for grouper fish, so they probably were all correct. Or possibly all mistaken.

Seagulls were waiting patiently, and were rewarded with an unusual amount of scraps in the end.

Changing the subject completely: I went yesterday to Puerto del Rosario to shop for a bit and then meet Timur, who was coming home from the school trip in the afternoon. I think it was the first time on Fuerteventura I was shopping without my family getting bored in the background and without tight schedule, and it made me remember that I liked shopping for clothes very much.
We tried to photograph the stuff I bought without me inside it, so to speak, but the wind kept interfering with the arrangements. So I had to put it all on. Those trousers don't go very well with the peasant top, but never mind.

Corralejo pictures on shutterstock

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