Sunday, March 18, 2012

Corralejo Carnival Parade 2012

Yesterday there was a carnival parade in Corralejo, the biggest of the several. I heard that it was going to be a big event, but didn't expect it to be on the same scale as one in Puerto del Rosario. I think it was bigger though, and more on the show side. Kirill is telling me that there were at least seven samba bands there (I didn't count myself), and when we leaving, the tail of the procession haven't started yet, so there might have been more. It lasted for two and a half hours, but we didn't stay for all of it - kids were getting tired.
We figure that the samba group above is not from Fuerteventura, although we could be mistaken. They were, deservedly, at the very beginning of the procession, had some simple, but effective dance routines, and their costumes were beautiful, too - check out these lace trousers in the facebook album.

Ahhh, probably my favorite participant. Love his little tatoo as well :)

This guy was enjoying himself immensely, I wonder if his chest hair are really that grey, or were sprayed grey together with his bow-tie. Just my idle curiosity :)

One of the local samba bands

We saw the beginning of the procession and then walked in the opposite direction, and came to the assembly point when it was getting dark, and I mean really dark, but the tail of the procession, quite a few groups and several floats, were still there immobile. That was something that surprised me in Puerto del Rosario as well - the scheduling of the not-that-well lit parade for roughly sunset time. Some floats had lights on, but those guys above in a vintage car, obviously didn't. And there was at least one more vintage carload of guys in drag, and very nice they looked too, when the light was there, that is.

Matter of fact, I went to check out the assembly point before the parade started, so was able to catch some pictures (and an unexpected kiss from a guy in sumo wrestler costume ;) before the parade, but not everybody was so efficient.

Check out the "before parade" and more "beginning of parade" photos in the facebook album.

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