Tuesday, March 03, 2009

life cycle of umbrella bearers

- Can I hold this umbrella?
- It's better if I do.
- Why?
- 'Cos I am taller than you.
- When I grow up… Well, then you may be old, say, you
will be dead. That means, you go to heaven.
- And?...
- You know, heaven is far above. Higher than sky. But
you can't see nothing because you're, well, dead.
- And?...
- You know, this is a LIFE CYCLE of us. First you are a
baby,then you are a toddler, then a child, then a grown-up.
And after that you go to heaven. And after that you are a baby again.
- Really?!...
- Yes.
- And?!
- And when I am a grown up and you are a baby again, I can hold the umbrella.

This dialog is old, Yuri was about 6 when it happened. It still amazes me, though

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