Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last w/e was in Norway.

My friend took me to a little, well, little by norwegian standards, lake not very far from where he lives (here). we went on a short walk around it. when we can back to the car, this butterfly came towards us. I offered it open palm - it settled on it and was happily exploring it for a while. than it allowed itself to be transferred to his hand (where I snapped it many times, most of them came out shaky, but not all). funnily, after I finished shooting, it won't leave the friendly palm, and needed a lot of encouragement to finally re-settle on a bush somewhere.

it's called Camberwell Beauty apparenly. in Russian it's much more morbid "траурница", which is something like "she who's in mourning". Latin name Nymphalis antiopa

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