Tuesday, January 25, 2011

time for a new camera musings

A few days ago Photoradar discussed features that they'd like to see in the nearly-all-new Canon 6D. Which reminded me that here I am, still with my 5D mark I.

To be perfectly honest, most of the potential features that they list there doesn't bother me that much, apart from maybe flash transmitter. But take the first potential feature discussed - pixel count increase: well, 21 Mpx is a very respectable pixel count for a sensor, and the raw files are huge already, so big increase in sensor will demand a simultaneous computer update, don't want that. Continuous shooting rate increase doesn't matter that much in my case, etc, etc.

I am very very interested in what exactly 6D will look/feel/work like, but I think I will be very happy to replace my camera with canon 5d mark II, which is a very nice camera by all accounts. Plus, price on it went down somewhat since it first became available - probably due to the expectations that a newer version will be along soon.

Maybe I will treat myself to a new lens later, with all the money I'll save. Considering the prices for good glass, that probably means that I will spend more overall, but hey

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