Saturday, April 24, 2010

Panasonic Lumix FT11 - underwater test

This small video was shot with Kirill's camera Panasonic Lumix FT11, which is supposed to work without extra underwater case up (or down?) to the depth of 10 feet. Camera is not new (was bought last summer), but it is worrying to plunge it straight into water, so we never did that before. It did work, as you can see, but there are some problems.

When you put camera in the water, LC display doesn't show much - when my face was out of the water and the camera in, display looked silver and that was it. Kirill tells me he couldn't see much on it when both camera and he were in the water. Viewfinder in this conditions is somewhat useless also.

So I ended up laying on the poolside, holding camera in the water and pointing in the general direction of my model, which worked :) But obviously, if you want to film something a lot smaller, and faster moving (like a fish), being unable to see what you are doing is a bit problematic.

After the underwater session all on-camera controls, apart from the "on/off" button one were not working for a while. Camera had to dry for a few hours before everything went back to normal

Watch in HD, I think the quality is reasonably good

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